Donald Trump Alex Jones And Racism

What has really been torquing me off lately about the subject of Donald Trump Alex Jones And Racism is that these two knuckleheads think that they can “bring people together”. Another words they think they can bring low IQ worthless piece of shit parasite niggers together with smart high IQ white people. Now if this was up to white people then yes it would be possible. Fortunately the porch monkeys will never accept this.

You see niggers will never admit that the reason they are failures in life is that they are stupid low IQ retards. They must blame the white man and woman for their down syndrome low IQ ape brain. This also gives them hope in a hopeless world where smart people win. Who doesn’t want to be the “underdog” fighting “the evil system” that has purposefully been “rigged against the black man”.

Donald Trump Alex Jones And Racism

As if successful white people wake up every morning and think to themselves “how can I fuck over a worthless piece of shit porch monkey today”. Yes that’s what we are concerned about every morning when we sit down for coffee. Not bills, not kids, not Hillary Clinton, but only niggers.

Now I am sure Alex Jones and Donald Trump (especially Donald Trump) believe it is possible to “bring people together” but I WILL PROMISE YOU that niggers will never give up their oppression fantasy for reality. Therefore they will keep it going and the ONLY solution, I repeat the ONLY solution is an actual physical violent bloody race war.





Nazi who is a descendant of the original Vikings who conquered northern France. Enjoys long walks in the park, skipping through the tulips, and beating the fuck out of niggers.

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