Whitefish Montana Terrorist Jews Tanya Gersh

It is absolutely horrifying what these Whitefish Montana Terrorist Jews like Tanya Gersh are doing to an innocent old lady. Extortion! Trying to steal her real estate business just because her son is Richard Spencer and they do not like his world view or his politics. What is really funny is that the governor was going to fly out and get involved to protect the poor so called “innocent Jews” from the so called evil “white supremacists”. That is before he found out who was really running the Jew real estate extortion racket (Tanya Gersh) then SUDDENLY the trip got MYSTERIOUSLY cancelled. HHHHMMM. It is a real MYSTERY isn’t it? Fucking Scum Bag Jews!

Whitefish Montana Terrorist Jews



Author: Hitler88.com

Nazi who is a descendant of the original Vikings who conquered northern France. Enjoys long walks in the park, skipping through the tulips, and beating the fuck out of niggers.

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